All the artwork in the sign-insert section is about bein two things. A sign and or a gate insert.  Kinda like a Russian experiment where they sew two heads on the same dog, I saw that once on a Post Magazine cover in my parents attic.  

A sign - you might nail on your barn or your fence, maybe hang under your overhead or by the front door.  

An insert is a sign with a band around it so your friendly local welder can take your sorry pathetic existing gate (not one of ours) trace around the beautiful artwork we made - cut out the bars and insert the new good stuff. 

Thus giving you the custom look you did not have to pay much for or think up.


Sign/Inserts can have your name or farm name or whatever you like. They can have type reversed out like the one on the far right or letters like the center sign. 

Don't see it in the library?
We have drawn millions more....
okay only feels like it. It all comes out of one arm.

We have drawn so much artwork it could stretch to the moon and back 11 times like twizzlers.