Lee Lee Brazeal is an artist of national reputation-not only as an innovative and original gate designer, but also as an illustrator and art director. Her career has included lots of brochures and annual reports, television, childrens’ books: she has worked for many of the fortune 500 companies. Clients included Neiman Marcus, Shell Oil, Exxon, Cosmopolitan, Enron, American Bancshares, Coca-cola, Dr. Pepper, Chili’s, Bennigans, Frito-Lay, Apple, Continental Airlines, Sportman’s gallery, Harris Gallery. She had agents in New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, California.

All her life she has loved and studied animals, ridden horseback over thirty years. Lee Lee knows horses-your Quarter horse will not look like an Arabian.

She has installed or shipped to every state and three countries.

“I still care deeply about my work and want to make my clients happy.”


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