Looks great on everbody and hardworkin too.  It's about no nonsense understated form and function. It's about gitten the job done and doin it right.

Sometimes you say alot, by sayin a little.

The Citadel.jpeg

The Citadel - Historic in genre, one of the earliest Texas flags set in a circle. You might add any circle from the art library or even order a custom circle.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-The Citadel-B-035                                                                         Art Style-Old Tx Flag-A-238

Classic Vertical.jpeg

Classic Vertical - easily add a stock circle or oval from the art library, or order up a custom piece of art to make it personal. 
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Classic Vertical-B-037                                                                     Art Style-Baby Burro-A-112     

El Sueno

El Sueno - Simple and elegant.  This gate was designed for a ranch to brand every small gate and paddock.  Built with horse panel set inside, so there are no rough edges for you or your horses. Shown here with custom brand.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-El Sueno-B-001                                                                                 Art Style-Client Brand-A-231


Fant Ranch - This gate also makes a very beautiful double gate.  The diagonal bars on this gate are welded on the front surface.  This original gate was 6 x 20' looks very impressive large.  Shown with custom brand.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Fant Ranch-B-002                                                                             Art Style-Client Brand-A-231


Scott - This is a very simple yet elegant gate, very economical and gives you that custom look with art right out of the library.  Shown here with the bottom panel upgrade and name, giving the gate added visual weight. Ask about medallions.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Scott-B-003                                                                                       Art Style-Bucks in Mesquite-A-118                                                                                  


Red dog ranch.jpeg

Cold River-This strong gate gives you lots of space to customize to your hearts content. If you need inspiration look at the library. 
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Cold River-S-040                                                                               Art Style-The Dive-A-147

All Trailswest gates are built with the same high standards.  We don't scrimp or cut any corners.  
We want to provide the finest handmade products at the fairest price. 

 If you want to save the most moolah pic art from the library.
library does not include clip art, but all designed one by one.

Most gate designs include the name of your farm or ranch if you want it.  We can 
Just ask your friendly, and helpful sales representative.