It's beautiful and functional and will make your place real purty.  We can't promise you a parade but we can promise you a parade of compliments.

When you own a Trailwest Silver gate you're riddin tall in the saddle.


Polk Land & Cattle Co. - This is a western classic and one that is chosen for clients who want classic with a touch of formality.  It never fails to impress for it's sheer perfect balance.  This one we do not alter except for the name.
Fits a 16' opening

Sweet Grass.jpeg

Sweet Grass-This is such a sleeper gate- looks not so impressive here but so beautiful when it is installed. Lots of room to make a personal statement. This is a hard gate to make with all the bends and cuts.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Sweet Grass-S-017
Art Style-Riverbend-A-194


Woodsong - Is the style of the gate, Busted Oak is the name of the ranch.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Woodsong-S-085                                                                                                   Art Style-Pine Overlook-A-115


Plantation-This inspiration came from a real plantation home railing.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Plantation-S-012                                                                                                                   


Inglenook Farm -This is another gate that looks really beautiful installed. It has a little bit of formal and informal in it's design, and also why it crosses over from city to country so seemlessly. All vertical bars are cut and seated individually-not tack welded on top.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Inglenook-S-013                                                                                                   Art Frame-Quarter Stallion-A-130


Place by the Pond
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Place by the Pond-S-010                                                                             Art Style-Place by the Pond-A_236


Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Austin-S-011                                                                                                         Art Style-Austin-A-237

All Trailswest gates are built with the same high standards.  We don't scrimp or cut any corners.  
We want to provide the finest handmade products at the fairest price.  
If you want to save the most moolah pic are from the library.  
We can ad your name for a nominal fee.  If you want a custom brand or are we can do that also.  
Just ask your friendly, and  helpful sales representative.