Q. How do I pay for my gate?

A. When you are ready to order a gate, just give us a call us. You will                                                                          be required to put down a 50% deposit at the time you order. That will get you                                                          in the lineup and start the design. If needed we can send you a how to                                                                         measure for your gate spec sheet.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, check or money orders                                                        (made payable to Trails West) Unfortunately we have to charge the 3 %                                                                       transaction fee. That is one way we try to keep down costs.                                                                      

Q. Is my deposit refundable should I change my mind?

A. Yes, if we have NOT yet started on the design.

Q. How will my gate be shipped to me?

A. The gate will be crated and shipped via Central Freight, or private transporters,                                          which ever is most economical at the time. The gate will come with an install kit.                                            Posts and Hinges will be included. We can only give you an estimate on shipping,                                              once the gate is completed and crated, they are weighed, then we have the actual                                                cost, and will revise the estimate accordingly.

Q. What material do you use to make these gates?

A. We use heavy gauge steel and sink weld all our pipes. All gates are primed and                                             painted with the highest quality industrial paint. The gates require only minimal care                                           to last for years to come.

Q. How does the design process work?

A. We offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum categories.  You can pick your frame                                             from our copyrighted designs, and pick the art from the art library, or you can                                                    customize your design to suit your needs. There will be small upgrade charges for changes,                                    just ask, we have tried to work out as many options as possible. When it comes to custom,                                     everything is possible.  When your design is ready we will email you a drawing to scale                                           for your approval.                       

 However, the most economical solution is to pick from the samples. We make our                                                own art library and it is not available anywhere else. 

Because we have years of design experience we know what will work as a silhouette                                        visually and structurally, we will design the art using indigenous animal and plant life,                                     specific to your local. The art will be emailed to you to scale. If you want a logo or                                           brand included please supply us with the best copy you can at the first so we can take                             everything into consideration.

Q. Do your prices include shipping?

A. No. Our prices do not include any crating or shipping charges. Those will be added                                             to your final billing or credit card charge.

Q. Do the prices include posts and hinges?

A. Yes, the gates come with posts and hinges, unless other arrangements have been                                            made. We use the strongest ball-bearing hinges available.