A Trailswest gold gate is like strikin it rich...twice

When you want to stake a claim on a Trailswest gold gate, you don't have to pack up your burro and hi-tail it out of your campsite. You just make a phone call, it's like hitten the motherload.

No pannin or sweatin or  nuttin. You get the shiny new nugget and we'll put your name on it, and you will  enjoy it for years to come.  

Little Oaks.jpeg

Little Oaks Farm - We're not just cowboys at Trailswest, we know horses, and yes even ridden some dressage.  That's why our art looks like the real thing.
Fits a 24' opening
Frame Style-Little Oaks Dressage -D-001                                                                                  Art Style-Little Oaks Dressage-A-                                             


Camp Lucy - This gate was built for a wedding venue in Austin.
Fits a 24' opening
Frame Style-Camp Lucy-D-002                                                                                                                     Art Style-Camp Lucy-D-

Racine Zoo Wisconsin - We worked with a great architect in Wisconsin on this, he sent us blueprints and a list of the zoo's two hundred animals.  We designed, fabricated and shipped and never met, he gave us free rein and it turned out awesome, love to work that way, he said it fit perfectly.
Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                                                 Frame Style-Racine Zoo-P-025                                                                                                                         Art  Style-Racine Zoo-                                        


Canyon Ridge - We designed these gates for a subdivision in Colorado and also Sante Fe. We changed out the animals and plants for that habitat.  Really love this gate.                         
Fits a 24' opening                                                                                                                                   Frame Style-Canyon Ridge-D-003


Custom gates are truly custom. You can have anything you want.  
Just give us a hollar and tell us about yourself.
We will make it truly unique, and the envy of all your sidekicks.