Gitten  a custom gate from Trails West is like havein fried chicken ever Sunday at your mamas, you can count on it being real good and made with love just like your mama would make your gate-ifin she could draw and weld.

Just give us a call (chew the fat), we will design your art until you love it, and build it any size you have a hankering for.


Bienvenidos- This is such a beautiful and romantic gate when installed.  We have made many versions of it and it continues to be a favorite.
Fits a 16' opening.
Frame Style- Bienvenidos -P-026
Art Style-Dry Gulch-A-176                                                                                               

NCHA Futurity-this was the first gate we donated to the Youth Scholarship Fund. Tickets were sold and a raffle was drawn during the NCHA Cutting Horse Futurity in Fort  Worth, Texas. His mother said her son Bunky would win it because he was such a lucky young man, and sure enough he did.
Fits a 16 'opening.
Frame Style-NCHA1- P-O77
Art Style- In the Dirt- A-135 

Pinelog Plantation Ranch - This entrance was designed and fabricated for a game reserve in Louisiana.  He had a lot of exotic wildlife which we included in his art.  
Gate fits a 16' opening, side panels are also 16'.
Frame Style- Pinelog -P-028
Art Style- Pinelog-A-177

Two Coves Ranch - This gate is 5 x 18' x 6" wide. Yes, it is a behemoth. One side has all the wildlife the couple wanted and the other side has the water they enjoy.  It is a very personal project for them. We made it so the middle could be rolled out for painting and LEDS changed out in 6-12 years.  Thank you, Ben and Wendy.
Frame Style- Two Coves- P-078
Art Style- Two Coves Wildlife-A-178 

Moreland night water side pm.jpg

Two Coves Ranch - This was our first light test in the studio for the water side. the Frame Style: Two Coves-P-078
Art Style- Two Coves Water-A-180 

Strange- The inspiration for this art is the old hand tooled wallets that came in kits.  I never made one but I love the classic western scrollwork. The owner wanted his two favorite horses on the gate, so the other side has a different horse.  We also have LEDS behind the horses so they glow at night.
Fits 16' opening
Frame Style- Strange-P- 079
Art Style- Strange-A-181                                                  

NCHA 50th Anniversary - The NCHA celebrated 50 years as the National Cutting Horse Association, in honor of the event we designed and fabricated this gate to donate to the NCHA youth scholarship fund.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-NCHA50th-P-080                                                                                                 Art Style-Center-In the Dirt-A-135                                                                                         Art Style-Cactus Background-A-219

Dalton Lake Home - I worked with a great architect on this, he gave me a lot of freedom. The client did not want any animals in the gate, I kept trying to sneak in a duck, but they killed off the duck. It is all water and woods just like his beautiful lake house. We also installed the rock walls.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Dalton-P-062                                                                                                       Art Style-The Forest-A-220                                                                                                                                                    


Milkmaid-This interesting gate is the gate for a family plot, in honor of their mother who was from Norway, and worked hard her whole life.
Fits a 14' opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-Milkmaid-P-081                                                                                                   Art Style-The Milkmaid-A-221

Hilltop Ranch - The owner of this fine ranch came in and told me a story about his ranch. One morning he saw what he thought was some trash in the pasture and went over to take a closer look.  The trash looked like it was moving....and sure enough it was. It was a baby donkey, he looked around and said who did this?              He had no idea  any of his donkeys were in foal.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Hilltop Ranch-P-082                                                                                           Art Style-Hilltop Ranch-A-222


Folk Art Quilt - Trailswest built these great columns out of native stone, and hung the sweetest folk art quilt gate on them.  The quilt even has little eggs in a nest-painted like a robins egg.  The home is a traditional salt box.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Folk Quilt-P-090                                                                                                   Art Style-Eggs in a Nest-A-223

Jack Russell Territory - These clients race Jack Russell Terriers, anyone who knows these dogs know how high energy they are and how infuriating they are about digging.  So of course we had to make one digging.
Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-Jack Russell Territory-P-091                                                                               Art Style-Jack Russell Territory-A-224

Falconwood - It is a cold and misty morning, butlers are serving hot chocolate on silver trays. The hunt is about to begin. You are still shivering in spite of your long underwear, you will get warm as you take off, it is not about comfort-it is after all-the thrill of the chase.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Falconwood-P-092                                                                                               Art Style-The Chase-A-225


Wide Awake Ranch - This gate was designed and built for two engineers, it is all about time and working long hours. The original concept was to keep the hands and the clock continuously moving fast to show time flies. The gate it is still completely capable of being a real working clock if we add a stepper motor-however the clients did not want any maintenance so now the gears and pendulum swing manually.       Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Wide Awake-P-093                                                                                               Art Style-Wide Awake-A-226 

buffalo nickel gate.jpeg

Buffalo Nickel -This little walk thru gate was to be an entrance to an Indian Trading Post, so we used a navajo rug design and the old buffalo nickel and made arrows go through the overhead. It is still a conversation piece.                                       Frame Style-Buffalo Nickel-P-083                                                                                           Art Style-In God We Trust-A-227

Roberts 2.jpg

El Pez Vela-This is for a special client, we have worked together on many gates and several have been coast related, we even made 9 in stainless steel.

elk gate.jpeg

Elk Gate-This gate was designed for two very special people in Chicago who love and collect art. It is quite large and I believe about 6 layers thick.                                   Frame Style-Elk Contest-P-084                                                                                                 Art Style-Elk Dualing -A-228                                  



Custom gates are truly custom.  You can have anything you want.  
Just give us a hollar and tell us about yourself.  
We will make it truly unique, and the envy of all your sidekicks.