When you want to stake a claim on a Trailswest gold gate, you don't have to pack up your burro and hi-tail it out of your campsite. You just make a phone call, it's like hitten the motherload.  No pannin or sweatin or nuttin.

You get the shiny new nugget and we'll put your name on it, and you will enjoy it  for years to come.   


Cabelas -  Sometimes  we use a version of this scene for Sheer Paradise or Hideaway style frames, it is very romantic and popular.  When you look at the space for art on this gate, you can tell your own story.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-G-022
Art Style-Cabelas-A-170

Hideaway Farm

Hideaway Farm - The couple named their home Hideaway because it is such an escape for them, peaceful and serene, a place to enjoy nature and unwind.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Lonesome Oaks- G-070
Art Style-Hideaway-195

John Dillion Park - This Charming gate went to New York state, to a camp for physically challenged individuals.  John Dillon Park was totally accessible for all, donated by a large paper company.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-John Dillon Park-G-071
Art Style-John Dillon Park-A-229

Stargazer-This is a version of a design we made to complement the couples front door ironwork.  It has become a big hit.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Stargazer-G-072
Art Style-Stargazer-A-197 


Casa Kenya - We designed and fabricated this gate and delivered it to Coconut Grove, Florida. The couple's little girl made a list of animals she liked and we included them. Never thought I would be drawing hippos in the water.                         Fits a 16 'opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-Casa Kenya-G-054                                                                                               Art Style-Casa Kenya-A-198

El Pez jpeg

EL Pez - This gate was one of nine stainless steel gates we made for the coast.  You can just hear the birds and feel the salt air.  El Pez means sailfish.
Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-El Pez -G-057                                                                                                         Art Style-Heading Out-A-230            

Pratt Ranch - Most of our gate designs are named after the first person we design them for, this one is for Mr. Pratt in Idaho.  We drew plants indigenous to the area-If you look closely you will see his home in it.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Pratt-G-073                                                                                                            Art Style-Pratee-A-231

Home Range - see photo below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Home  Range - This gate tell the story of a young couple and their two kids in Austin, you will see their two schnauzers if you look closely.
Fits 16' opening
Frame Style- Home Range -G-055                                                                                           Art Style-Home Range-A-232                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

sheer paradise.jpeg

Sheer Paradise- Looks like it to me, and his dog is with him, doesn't get better than that, unless his horse could get in the canoe with them.
Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                               Frame Style-Sheer Paradise-G-049                                                                                         Art Style-Sheer Paradise-A-161


Willis - This gate was designed to keep the family's dog in, but in a beautiful and natural way. This is one of my favorites.                                                                                 Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-Willis-G-065                                                                                                            Art Style-Willis-A-201  

sweet texas home

Sweet Texas Home - This is our designers personal gate for her home, however every time we made it an architect or designer purchased it.                                       She still doesn't have one.                                                                                                       Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-Sweet Texas Home-G-052                                                                                   Art Style-Sweet Texas Home-A-233

Three Sister.jpeg

Three Sisters Ranch - This client loved his daughters, he was so great to talk to.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Three Sisters-G-025                                                                                             Art Style-Three Sisters-A-203

Cedar Bayou.jpeg

Cedar Bayou - Our client raises retrievers, we used real duck calls around the girls neck.  This is a very popular design.
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Cedar Bayou-G-026                                                                                             Art Style-Cedar Bayou-A-204


Longhorn Cattle Drive - Have you ever been on a cattle drive, they have them in Texas where you can join in on the hot dusty fun. 
Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Longhorn Cattle Drive-G-027                                                                             Art Style-Longhorn Cattle Drive-A-234



Riders in the Sky - This is my new favorite gate, because the design worked so perfectly.                                                                                                                                     Fits a 16' opening
Frame Style-Riders in the Sky-G-051                                                                                       Art Style-Ghost Riders-A-190

Majestic Oaks - When you need a very formal entrance to your home.   
Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                               Frame Style-Majestic Oaks-G-066                                                                                         Art Style-Maple Leaf-A-151


Southern Pines -  This  gate was designed for a family on the lake. 
Fits a 16' opening                                                                                                                         Frame Style-Southern Pines-G-078                                                                                       Art Style-Southern Pines-A-235

 These beautiful gold designs are meant to give you the custom look without the custom price.  
Pick one of these designs and only change the name and you have an incredible value
that you can enjoy for years to come.
Sometimes our designer makes small changes to the design, she says making it better.