Unquestionably the best art and design

in the field today.

greg welding on lake houston.jpg

Fabricators, Woodworkers. Save the time and hassle of starting your business, with the best art and design in the field today. Award winning professional illustrator and designer Lee Lee Brazeal has an established library you can use.

Unfortunately existing clip art in the field today does not meet professional standards. Non professionals are easily fooled by their polished advertising. Art is our job, fabrication is yours. Be the best, we are.

Yes, it is possible to purchase .dxf or .ai drawings of our exceptional art and design. You can also purchase a license for all our copyrighted blueprints. You can open your own business today.

We have the scale and art all worked out for you. If you want a certain design with a small change we can do that too. We are working on the downloadable program right now but in the meantime if you want anything-just call us.